Berber carpet 15 years old and cleaned once with a rug doctor. Talk about spots and stains.  Call us for your next clean. 503 835-5217

Badly stained Berber capet

You may wonder why some carpets don't look absolutely perfect after cleaning, A carpet can be truly clean but the wear can still show, but you can not clean away the wear. This is preventable, regular vacuuming can really minimize wear by removing the small jagged particles of dirt that damage carpet fibers. Even so, professionally cleaning a carpet can have amazing results!!

Carpet after being cleaned

Before And After Photo Of Bedroom Carpet Pet Stains. We Also Treat For Pet Odor.

Photo Of Bedroom Carpet Stain Before Cleaning
Photo OF Bedroom Carpet Stain Removed From Carpet

Before And After Photos Of Traffic Lane Cleaning On Berber 5-28-18

Livingroom Carpet With Traffic Lane
Living Room Carpet After Traffic Lane Was Cleaned
Picture of floor tile cleaning machine

Letting everyone know that we also clean floor and counter top tile.